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Into the Woods 2023; Katrina Heil (Baker's Wife) and Anthony Morris-Podzamsky (Baker)

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Class Listings

Beginning Theatre
  • Covers a variety of elements of theatre. These elements include: pantomime, improvisation, rehearsal and performance of monologues and scenes, creation and implementation of a three-dimensional character on stage, elements of stage blocking, play production, script writing, theatre history, musical theatre, and television/film production.

Intro to Theatre Design
  • This course introduces students to the elements and lexicon of basic two and three-dimensional art, basic color theory, and their inherent psychological impacts upon the viewer.

Technical Theatre
  • Technical Theatre covers design basics of set, props, costumes, makeup, masks and puppetry, lights, sound, stage management, publicity, box office, house management and Theatre History.

Production Theatre
  • In this course, students will be asked to dive deeper into the theatre arts. We will explore theatre professions and forms, study the social and political impact of theatre throughout history, analyze theatrical works, and continue building on the foundation of skills in performance and movement that student’s have been working on.

    • Theatre Arts Conservatory (Honors)
      • (Must have auditioned to be a part of Production Theatre) Students are expected to build on previous scaffolding in prior theatre courses on topics including, but not limited to: scene study and analysis including relevant acting theories, playwriting, directing, production design and implementation, classical theatre including Shakespeare, dramaturgy, musical theatre, voice, movement, and theatre history.

Experiences in Performing Arts
  • Designed to expose students to all disciplines of the performing arts, music, dance, and drama.  Students will attend one musical or opera, one play, one movie, and one dance performance per semester and write a critique for each.

Competitive Speech
  • The student will communicate with an audience through the oral interpretation of both original and published literature. During the process to select published literature, the student will read a wide range of literary genres in order to find pieces to perform competitively. The student will also perform the final presentation for a public audience in a competitive environment.

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